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From Vinyl to Compact Disc


Eric Frith & Bruce Belknap


Friday, January 11, 2002, 7:00 p.m.


Mac Lab, Pacific Grove Adult Education Center,
1025 Lighthouse Avenue, Pacific Grove.


Eric Frith and Bruce Belknap present a program--actually showing during the meeting-- how to burn CDs with music input from vinyl LPs.  The following hardware and software will be used at the meeting:

Toast version 5 with Spin Doctor:

Macintosh G4, iBook or Titanium, or a Power Macintosh with USB or audio inputs

Griffin iMic to receive output sound in to through the USB port. Earlier Macintosh models such as the 6500AV can input directly through the microphone or RCA stereo jacks.

A turntable (coupled to a stereo system) and  33 or 45 rpm vinyl disk; OR...
a free-standing turntable found at the Radio Shack website.  Remember, the output must be supplemented by a pre-amplifier.

A tape deck or player, separate or part of a stereo system, and cassette tape.

The program Spin Doctor, which is a component of Toast v5, is the software program Eric used to make the actual recording during the presentation. After the initial music was recorded, the wave forms were analyzed and individual tracks identified and named. Further modification of the sound track can be made to reduce hum and pops.

The .aiff music file that was recorded was dragged to the RoxioToast Titanium window, which burned the CD.

An excellent article has been written by Chuck Rogers which thoroughly and precisely describes and documents each step to record CDs from LPs, including the sources of hardware and softwarelisted by URL and part number. This entire North Coast MUG newsletters are archived:  See pages: 18, 19, 20, 21 at,

Ron Brunet also demonstrated how easy it is burn a CD by using Apple's own free Disc Burner,

The February, 2002 edition of MacAddict magazine, includes a 5-page article on burning a CD and then printing the cover in the monthly CD #66.

During the meeting, there was considerable discussion of the brand new LCD iMac, and the new, free, program iPhoto.

At the conclusion of the meeting, a spindle of CD-Rs donated by Malcolm Smith was awarded as a Door Prize to the lucky winner.


1/12/2009 at 5:53 am

by Scott Rose of Mac|Life

"Converting Analog Audio to Digital Audio"
Fortunately, this conversion is a relatively painless process thanks to a company called Ion Audio, which makes a variety of products for turning your analog audio into digital format.