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Board Notes

December 11, 2009:

November 13, 2009:

LOUNGE Discussion of benefits and problems with holding tonight’s meeting in the Lounge. Had comfortable couch and chairs. Easier to hear the speaker without that echo in the auditorium. Dave presents Keynote programs only in the Lounge.

The two large LED screens were still too small to read text from the back. The LCD resolution did not match the Mac screen. Although there is an Ethernet connection in the library (next door) it only connects to one computer at a time to the Internet (without a hub with multiple ports.) There is no wireless connection to the Internet.

A request was made to contact Ms. Brambilla regarding the out-of-focous projector in the Auditorium.

Also, there was mention of using a microphone in the auditorium. There was a lapel-mic there some time ago. Retrying this might be a good idea

WEBSITE Bruce was asked to post a link to and to follow up the concen of some members and visitors who spoke up this evening.

TUTORIALS Jerry reccomended several useful tutorials as links on the Detroit User Group website.

October 9, 2009:

September 11, 2009:

August 14 2009:

July 12, 2009:

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January 9, 2009:   No Board meeting was held

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Friday, DATE, 2009 at 7:00 p.m.


Canterbury Woods Auditorium, 651 Sinex Avenue in Pacific Grove


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