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Board Notes

12 December 2008:

14 November 2008:

10 October 2008:

12 September 2008:

08 August 2008:

11 July 2008: No Board meeting was held

13 June 2008
Minutes of CMoM Executive Board

A meeting of the Executive Board was held following the regular membership meeting in the Canterbury Room of Canterbury Woods, Pacific Grove, CA
Board Members present: Ken Morley, Bruce Belknap, Ron Brunet, Dick Crowell.

Ken will print a list of CMoM members and make it available to members only, as requested at future meetings.

Next monthís meeting:
Ken and Ron will not be able to attend the July 11 meeting. A number of possible topics we discussed for that meeting including Blogging, Genealogy, On-Line Applications, how to download YouTube and other video sources, Acrobat Pro (Ask Malcolm?), RSS and Mac Maintenance. Dick Crowell offered to talk to his “Techie guy” who works for Apple about presenting a future program on one or more of these topics or another topic which he might suggest the next time Dick has him scheduled for consultation.

There being no further business to come before the Executive Board, the meeting was adjourned at 2150.

Respectfully submitted,
Dick Crowell, CMoM Secretary

09 May 2008
Minutes of Executive Board Meeting

Present: Bruce, Ron, & Jerry & Ken (who recorded these Minutes.)
Presenting iChat and Skype for telephone and video on internet. Went fairly well. Those involved were - Hillary, David, Jerry, and Bruce.
Next month’s program plan:  Show what is on the CMoM website, and click on some of the resources and Yahoo CMoM group site.
List of possible topics for future programs:  Blogging, resources, geneogy, online applications.

11 April 2008
Minutes of Executive Board Meeting

A brief meeting of the Executive Board was held immediately following the regular membership meeting in the Auditorium of Canterbury Woods, Pacific Grove, CA.

Board members present:  Bruce Belknap, Ron Brunet, Jerry Gifford, Dick Crowell

A discussion was held on a topic for the next meeting on 9 May. It was agreed that a presentation and demonstration on Skype would be a good subject. Bruce and Jerry agreed to perfect their skills and will make the presentation if they can get it working properly between them. It was mentioned that this might not be enough material to fill the program and that Board members should try to find other topics that might be added to round out the program. If other ideas appear they should be communicated to Ron Brunet.

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned about 2145.

Respectfully submitted,
Dick Crowell, Secretary

March 13, 2008      No Minutes available

February 8, 2008   
Graphic Converter was presented by Ron who expressed frustration on not knowing more of new version. 
Next month’s program plan is hoping for MC Squared.

January 18, 2008

• Tonight’s program went well: worked thru stuff we got at Mac show
• February’s program plan: Eric and Ron to do “Graphic Converter”
• March’s program: maybe MC Squared as presenter
• Bruce will send Ron MC2 resources, newsletter and contact email

• Compliments to JERRY on a well run trip. 23 folks on the bus. Probably one less pizza needed. Only 16 + 1 stayed for meeting/pizza.
• Lets find several items/software/hardware to buy as member prizes (value range $20 to $50 ) and thus increase the actual “value” of membership. Suggested items: 1 or 2 Gig flash drive; USB hub; etc. Purchase at least 3 or 4 items so the winning member has choices.

WEB SITE REPORT (Bruce Belknap):
• Bruce suggested that Ken could include in monthly email sent to members & non-members. several links to selected pages maybe with a line of text above each link to say where the link leads. Bruce will check if the monthly STATS show increased activity on those  pages.

• Contact AUGB rep. to inquire if there are more Apple User Group benefits.

Ken & Bruce

Treasurer Reports

Membership Report
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To be announced  
To be announced
Friday, DATE, 2008 at 7:00 p.m.

To be announced

Canterbury Woods Auditorium, 651 Sinex Avenue in Pacific Grove



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