Hardware and software for converting analog to digital media

Digitize VHS video tapes.  See Macworld Video #110
by Christopher Breen, Senior Editor for Macworld.com

CLICK HERE to look at two products: Elgato’s $100 Video Capture and Roxio’s $80 Easy VHS to DVD

Dick Crowell:  How to convert a vinyl disc into a CD using a new ION turntable, and how to convert a VHS tape into a DVD.

Apple iMac G5
ION Turntable:
Golden Records software
VHS-to-DVD deck
Small TV (to see the software menu)

Download handouts with step-by-step
instructions for:
  • Converting vinyl records to CD (700 KB   .pdf)
  • Converting VHS tapes to DVD (4-page  .jpg)

Bruce Belknap:  How to convert an audio cassette or vinyl disc into a CD using an older turntable & cassette player.

Apple 13" MacBook
Superscope Audio cassette player (old model)
Griffin Technologies iMike USB:
Sony turntable (old model): with RCA& USB stereo cable)
Radio Shack (Pyle Pro) 9-volt pre-amplifier
Felttip Sound Studio 3.5.7 software
Roxio Toast Titanium 8: (now 10)
Logitech USB speakers

CLICK to see Sound Studio 3 screen shots and list of features

Jerry Gifford:  How to convert VHS video directly to iMovie using
a digital camcorder with firewire output.

Apple MacBook Pro
Panasonic VCR tape player
Sony HD Camcorder with firewire output
Apple iMovie