Brief History of Club Mac  of Monterey


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Brief History of Club Mac of Monterey

Club Mac of Monterey was founded in 1984. Robin Casady (formerly of Casady and Greene, Inc.) was the first Club President. The late Richard Ware, the first newsletter editor, printed the first Club Mac of Monterey Journal on an ImageWriter.

Early Club Mac meetings were held at Santa Catalina School. Other meeting places have been the Crossroads Community Room, MPC, Pacific Grove High School and Pacific Grove Adult School.

Programs have featured representatives from major software companies. They enjoy coming to Monterey for presentations as does Apple Fellow Guy Kawasaki. Software companies sometimes provide demos, samples and products used for prizes and drawings. Guy is pretty busy now, but for the first few years he visited us once or twice a year. His humorous presentations of news and gossip of the computer industry and predictions of future developments make him a very popular speaker at Mac user group meetings. We even shared him with the Naval Postgraduate School group.


A variety of special interest groups (SIGS) have been held through the years. SIGS enable members with particular interests such as beginners, users of specific applications or the Internet to learn from each other so that all can improve their skills.

Until recently the General Meetings of Club Mac were held in the Power Macintosh Lab of the Pacific Grove Adult School "hands on" applications at every meeting.

General Meetins are now held in the Canterbury Room of Canterbury Woods in Pacific Grove The fast, T1 connection of every laptop computer directly to the Internet is a special feature.

As a Macintosh user group, Club Mac of Monterey goes "way back". It is the plan of Past Presidents Michael Kohler and Marty Horton, and the present Executive Board Pesident, Ken Morley and loyal membership, that it go "way forward".

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